Jen Ma

About Jen

Jennifer Ma completed her PhD in Dr. Peter Zandstra’s Stem Cell Bioengineering Lab at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research focused on developing a novel platform for rapid enumeration of rare blood stem cells based on their unique genetic markers.

While immersed in the fascinating world of cutting-edge science, Jen rediscovered her love for graphic design and visual arts. Working at the interface of art and science, she is especially interested in combining these two passions for education, communication, and outreach. Having experienced firsthand how science can inspire, inform, and challenge all aspects of life, she thrives to share the beauty of science with others through thought-provoking art and captivating stories.

Jen's work has been featured on covers and in peer-reviewed articles of prestigious journals such as Science, Nature Methods, and Development. She is also an avid science communicator on social media. Leading an international team of science communicators and artists, she co-founded STEAMotype, a growing Instagram-based community that promotes engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through art.


The first step to creating your perfect piece(s) is always a consultation to understand your target audience, materials, and the messages you want to convey. Whether you aim to engage with your scientific peers, local community, or other specific demographic, Jen can design a solution to effectively communicate your messages through graphics and art. Her services include:

  • Cover design
  • Graphical abstract
  • Technical diagram
  • Research poster & presentation
  • Science communication campaign
  • Logo, branding, & website design
  • Poster, event programme, & other marketing materials
  • Other science & personal bespoke artwork


If you have a clear vision of what you want, Jen is here to actualize it! But with her diverse background in science and engineering, she can also help you distill the essence of your information and transform it into an accurate, concise, and compelling story for your audience. (Check out this article about how working with an illustrator can add value to your research and outreach projects, or even help generate new hypotheses!) Jen has collaborated with researchers from a wide range of disciplines—biomedical and chemical engineering, neuroscience, physics, architecture... and is eager to explore more areas of research!

Jen has experience in a variety of media and styles, both digital and analog, and can tailor your artwork to best resonate with your audience. Checkout her portfolio for examples of her previous work, or bring samples of artwork you enjoy to help guide the process and create the perfect piece for you. 


Jen is currently based in Toronto, Canada, but has collaborated with scientists and artists all over the world. Whether over coffee or Skype, she is excited to hear about your latest project!

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